Saturday, July 14, 2007

So it seems I've been a little busy...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Halaal Hotdogs!!!!....

and they are right near work! We jus found out last week that there are 2 halal hotdog stands right in front of Nathan Phillips Square... Mmmmmm!!

They were pretty good! And really cheap too... reminds me of UTM days... which reminds me of how everyone gained a few that year. No more hotdogs Madihah!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Salaam e Ishq Ishq Ishq..

So I finally finished watching Salaam e Ishq. And my conclusion was: it was nothing special.

I liked some of the songs... Salaam e Ishq and Tenu Leke. All of the stories sucked! They were either overlydramatic, boring or just plain stupid. Like why is an paan-eating, bollywood song singing taxi driver from Mumbai dreaming about falling in love with a gori?? and why does he say he loves her like an hour later? and WHY does she like/love him back? Dun make sense.

Sad... and as shocked as I even am.. I liked Govinda the best in this movie. He was pretty funny! Like that time the girl was speaking hindi.. or trying to.. and she was trying to say "take me there now".. he thought she said she wanted to lie down.. that was classic!! Jus as long as he doesn't dance, he's arite in my books.

And Salman Khan was Salman Khan... he's still dreamy in his 40's. Ewww did I jus say that?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Oops forgot to tag...

Shazia, Humarah and Squeeky consider yourselves tagged!!!!.. from my previous post.

I have benefits.. yesss!!

Helloooo Dentist.. Dr. Grimaldi here I come!

I finally got my benefits card on Wednesday... which means I finally benefits! Honestly, when I was on my Dad's plan.. alhumdalillah.. I never used them. I got maybe 2 prescriptions in the last 5 years. The dental benefits I used. But last summer I was occupied with exams and work, prepping for the trip.. that i kept cancelling and rescheduling my dental appointment to the point they stopped calling me. Then I came back from my trip and I could feel that teeth weren't too healthy... but at that time Sarah didn't have any dental benefits! Nooooooooo!!

So yeah, now I have some YAY!! ..and the card has my name on it... I am finally a grownup!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

4OT!!.. but we won 5-4... yeahhh boiiiii!!

"Henrik Sedin scored with 1:54 left in the fourth overtime and Luongo stopped 72 shots in last night's game to lift the Canucks to a 5-4 victory over the Dallas Stars in the opening game of their first-round playoff series."

I stayed up till 2 am watching it... i think it was the 2nd OT... but couldn't handle it and went to sleep. But WOOHOO!!!!... they came back to win it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

What you don't know....

This one's for you Roohi... I'm finally done this list. Roo tagged me last week and I've been trying to think of things people don't know about me.. it's been tough. But here it is:

I was the biggest tomboy growing up.

I grew up with like 15 boys (and a handful of girls) so I was pretty much "one of the boys" until the boys turned 12 and they started hating girls. I would play hockey, nintendo, baseball... you name it ...with them. I knew all of the WWF wrestlers.. still do! Still have some tomboy tendencies... I can still school any guy about hockey!

We (me and older bro) used to roll Azfar...

into a blanket from one corner to other and then tie him up with a skipping rope. Hahaha.. it was so funny. How he used to cry. Sorry Affar. Hope u don't need therapy.

Once when we were younger...

I wrote on the wall and blamed it on Azfar! Why did my parents believe me you ask??.. well, I wrote Azfar's name on the wall... tee hee. Sorry again dude. I guess it was payback for stealing the limelight away from me.

I am a closet Raptors fan...

I know I get happy when they lose sometimes and I like going for the opposing team... but this season has definitely changed my mind about them. They actually made it to the playoffs.. not that I'm jumping on the bandwagon.. I'm not! And even though this is probably gonna be the only year they make it to the playoffs for another decade... they cool with me. And I caught a Raps game earlier this year... in which they beat Iverson & the 76ers... so that might have something to do with it too. Maybe if I go to a Leafs game.... nahhhh I don't think anything could make me forget that 40 year drought!!

I know EVERYTHING about Full House.

Don't mess... I know it all. Try... jus try.. to stump me. To become a member of our family, you MUST pass our Full House trivia questions. Haha. No joke.

And that is all.

Tee Time for the Leafs...

Thanks to the Islanders... the Leafs are out of the playoffs!! Not that the Isles are gonna make it very far either... but the point is that the Leafs won't even get that far. Too bad, so sad. Told ya, told ya... though it would've been exciting to see them lose in 4 games.

Meanwhile, my boys, the CANUCKS have officially clinched the division title and are in the 3rd spot in the Western Conference. That's right... don't mess!


In other news, the Blue Jays won... beat the D-Rays 6-3 last night. And it's the Home Opener tonight.. can't wait!!! Wish I had tickets :( ... but yo, let's definitely go again y'all... this time let's catch the game though.

P.S. Alex Rios is back.. woo hoo!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Dude... I need to get back into shape... I need a gym buddy!! You know that means you, ANIKA!!... come on.. please? I don't wanna walk into Goodlife and then walk out because I don't know where to start... I need a gym buddy until I'm familiar with the gym.

...'member Roohi, it used to be soo much fun! You and me.. and our flavoured water.

And i wanna try some of their classes.. jus not step classes.. i still have some nightmares about the escalator incident. So i will stick to KICKBOXING!!!... shuddap Azfar. I do too know how to kick high.